Projetos com financiamento externo

·         IFETME - Impacto das funções executivas em tarefas de memória episódica, em indivíduos com alta reserva cognitiva e baixa reserva cognitiva (Fernando Maestú Unturbe)


Aracne is a project co-financed by the European program Erasmus+ / Formation of adults whose goal is to design, based on the existing best practice in Europe, an integrated model that combines vocational training, personal empowerment and promotion of self-employment among women in labour and social exclusion situations.

Project Jupyter@edu tests and implements innovative practices in the field of higher education. Moreover it supports synergies with research and innovation activities and promotes new technologies as drivers of improvements in education.


Drones: Experiential Learning and new Training Assets - Applicant: Cisita Parma Srl – Parma, Italy.The project aims to introduce the technology of drones in Education contexts. (Alexandra Baldaque)



INnovative TEaching Method for an Inclusive School - learning from flipped Classroom approachApplicant: Leonardo da Vinci VET school – Piazza Armerini – Sicily, Italy (Alexandra Baldaque)


Disconnected, discouraged, disenabled? Let’s code! – Applicant: Fondazione Politecnico di Milano – Milan, Italy - The project aims to train students at drop out risk on improving digital skills and learning Maths by studying coding, mainly through flipped class methods. (Alexandra Baldaque)

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